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Mission Statement:

The Coalition for Equity is devoted to promoting and maintaining a safe, healthy, welcoming, respectful, and equitable environment for all individuals. Thus, its mission is to increase and enhance awareness and acceptance of the richness inherent in the various cultures, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and physical abilities represented on campus and in the local and global community.

Vision Statement:

To nurture a campus culture where social equity and the acceptance of differences are not only celebrated but also practiced at all levels of campus administration, governance, instruction, and faculty and student affairs.


Four strategic objectives will guide the Coalition’s diverse efforts to achieve its goals:

  • Promote the acceptance of difference by sponsoring programming, creating curricular opportunities, and working with campus and community partners on co-curricular programming.
  • Encourage campus-climate change by conducting climate surveys, advertising diversity events, and actively participating on hiring committees, in strategic planning activities, and in campus training opportunities.
  • Enhance the Cultural Center to celebrate diversity and provide educational materials.
  • Provide support for faculty, staff, and students via membership in Penn State’s training and support networks (such as Zero Tolerance for Hate and the Support Network).


Connecting Across Differences


Although issues of social difference have been on the radar for years, concerted campus efforts to celebrate diversity began in 2000, under the guidance of Bill Fuller, The Director of Student Affairs at the time. His powerful support and the dedicated work of students, staff, and faculty led to the creation of the Diversity Task Force. The DTF sponsored many events for the campus and local community, including speaker events focused on the Holocaust, Asian culture, Indian art and history, gender and power, heterosexism, and activities for the annual MLK celebration. Recently reorganized, the DTF has grown into the Coalition for Equity and expanded its efforts to foster a climate of respect in which social differences are celebrated.