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The Graduating Class Gift
Clock Tower

The making of a legacy

Whether it be through education, experiences, relationships, or a new outlook on life, Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus has given so much to so many. The campus’ history, prestige, and traditions have been the cornerstone of excellence that each student and alumnus undoubtedly enjoys. Now is your opportunity to give back to the University that has given you so much. Now is your chance to leave your legacy

The Clock Tower

Your legacy will be frozen in “time” with the Clock Tower.

The tower stands about 20’ tall and is constructed of cast aluminum. The four faces are adorned with translucent acrylic dials with fluorescent illumination controlled by a photoelectric cell. The time is controlled with GPS satellite synchronization.

The tower will be a great addition to the campus and undoubtably enhance its beauty.

Your pledges make it happen

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Every student who enrolls at Penn State pays a $100 general deposit. This deposit is used for special fees, emergencies, repairs, and fines. Most graduating students are left with all $100 in their accounts. With just a stroke of a pen you can sign over all or a portion your remaining deposit. It’s that simple. You can do it right now by filling out the pledge form. Once you’ve filled out the form, merely drop it in any mailbox.

A note from the Graduating Class Gift Chairman

Dear Fellow Graduates,

As a former SGA President, my classmates and I decided in 1999 to create a Graduating Class Gift. In 2000, Penn State Fayette established the first ever “Penn State Fayette Graduating Class Gift Fund.” Over the past five years the fund has generated over $1,000.00.

My experience at Penn State Fayette has been one of the best in my life. If you have had the same rewarding experience, I encourage you to make a pledge and leave a part of your legacy behind.

For The Glory,

Chad A. Long, 00’ BS