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Help us give our past a future

The Coal and Coke Heritage Center is continually growing and evolving. While there is no charge to tour the Center, your monetary donations are always welcome. In order to continue our collecting and preserving activities, as well as research and educational functions, we must rely on your financial support. Your contribution to the Patch/Work Voices Coal and Coke Check Board is one way you can help.

Check Board in the Coal and Coke Heritage CenterThe Coal and Coke Heritage Center proudly acknowledges its monetary donors utilizing bronze, silver, and gold checks. The check board was used by early miners to hang their round brass “checks” indicating whether they were in or out of the mine. They also attached their checks to loaded coal wagons designating who loaded the wagons underground.

You can have your family name, or the name of whomever you choose to honor, prominently displayed on the Patch/Work Voices Coal & Coke Project Check Board by making a donation of $250-$499 for a bronze check, $500-$999 for a silver check, or $1,000 and over for a gold check.

Through the continued monetary support of people like those whose names appear on the check board, the Center can continue to Checks From Check Boardgrow and thrive enabling us to tell future generations of southwestern Pennsylvania’s coal and coke heritage. We are also constantly seeking people with knowledge of the history, development, and management of the industries, as well as of mining coal, making coke, or patch life to share their experiences with us. Every new interview adds another dimension to the story. We are always on the look out for new photographs, artifacts, paintings, and other materials that help to document the coal and coke era. If you, a family member, or an acquaintance would like to contribute materials, lend items for exhibits, or add your voice to the oral history collection, please contact the Center at 724-430-4158.

You can also support us through your purchase of distinctive merchandise from our gift shop. Much of our inventory includes items available only for sale through the Center. All proceeds from these sales benefit the Coal and Coke Heritage Center.


Coal Belt with miner

Miner on display at Center

Collectible Miners for sale