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This is an American Story—an epic story involving a series of events, technology and economic developments, the use and abuse of natural resources, the evolution of industrialization, and the power of ideas. But mostly it’s the story of coal and coke and people.

For more than thirty years, the Coal and Coke Heritage Center has succeeded in capturing and preserving the history and heritage of the Connellsville Coke Region, once the location of the finest metallurgical coal in the world that produced unsurpassed beehive coke. This was the coal that made the coke that made the steel that made America, dominating the industry for roughly a 100 year span from 1870-1970. Along with the story of coal and coke, we collect and tell the story of the community, the people who worked and lived within the environment created by these industries.

We also offer:

  • lectures, tours and a speaker's bureau for groups of any age
  • consulting and advisory functions for projects related to coal and coke