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  1. Mission
    The mission of Penn State Fayette’s Outreach and Continuing Education Office is to identify, develop, and deliver, quality education and training programs and services that engage individuals, organizations, and businesses with the University’s resources to enhance personal and professional education and economic development opportunities within the communities we serve.
  2. Vision
    Penn State Fayette’s Outreach and Continuing Education Office will be recognized by individuals, organizations, businesses, and employers as the premier provider of relevant education and training programming in the campus service area.
  3. Strategies for Accomplishing the Mission
    1. Provide leadership to identify and develop strategic partnerships for program development both within and outside the University.
    2. Provide leadership to foster a culture of programming excellence and student centeredness that empowers program participants to achieve their educational and training goals.
    3. Provide leadership to implement successful programming efforts that generate revenues to support campus growth.
    4. Provide leadership to nurture an appreciation for lifelong learning among the individuals and organizations we serve.
    5. Provide leadership to increase the recruitment and retention of adult learners.
  4. Values that Guide Penn State Fayette’s Outreach and Continuing Education Office
    1. Lifelong Learning
    2. Entrepreneurism
    3. Collaboration
    4. Responsiveness
    5. High-quality Service
    6. Program Integrity
    7. Fiscal Responsibility
    8. Programming Excellence