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  1. Mission
    The mission of the department of student affairs is to provide excellent, comprehensive student-centered customer service in the areas of recruitment, counseling, advising, coaching, mentoring and programming to ensure that a student’s expectations become reality.
  2. Vision
    The department of student affairs will lead by example, stay at the forefront in terms of training, professional development and policy knowledge to provide excellent student-centered services and programs.
  3. Strategies for Accomplishing the Mission
    1. Provide exceptional, informed counseling to prospective students.
    2. Provide programs and services that provide a well-balanced experience for students. These will include but are not limited to education, social, diversity, service-oriented, recreational, and information programs.
  4. Values for Student Affairs
    1. Honesty
    2. Responsibility
    3. Integrity
    4. Knowledge
    5. Courtesy
  5. Roles of Respective Student Affairs Units
    1. Admissions/Student Aid: Recruit top academic students locally, nationally and globally, counsel them on the programs offered at the campus and advise them on ways to finance their education.
    2. Career Services: Provide career management workshops and assist students to find employment and internships. Create contacts with potential employers. Teach students about job search strategies and make information about prospective employers and graduate schools available. Maintain a current database of employment and internship opportunities.
    3. Student Life/Activities: Offer programs and services intended to help students engage in leadership roles on campus and in their communities and help the overall retention effort for the campus. Student activities help students acquire knowledge from a range of disciplines, develop values, demonstrate intercultural development and civility and attain life skills and self-knowledge through social interactions.
    4. Athletics: Provide a high-quality, competitive intercollegiate athletics program that advances the development of leadership skills, enriches the overall college experience, and provides an opportunity for personal growth for student-athletes.
    5. Recreation: Provide recreational activities for all students, faculty and staff, while promoting overall campus community health and wellness. Through these opportunities, recreation supports the campus’ overall recruiting and retention efforts.
    6. Health/Wellness: Provide a health service program that is based on American College Health Association guidelines.
    7. ODS: Coordinate counseling, learning assistance, sign interpretation, reading assistance, mobility assistance and rehabilitation efforts and ensure access to facilities and programs.
    8. Psychological Counseling Services: Offer psychological counseling in a confidential and professional manner when personal problems impede the learning process. In cases of personal crisis, provide short-term counseling or referral to community resources if appropriate.