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Web Request Form

Web Request is a part of the Resource Scheduler that allows non-University, as well as University users, to request a room or resource.

For first-time users, the directions on how to use the Web Request form are as follows (you may want to print the directions to have them in hand as you complete the Web Request Form):

  1. Login ScreenClick on the link above or to the left for the "Web Request Form."

    Once there, you will be at the login screen. Add your e-mail address and create a password.

    Please take note of your e-mail and password; you will need to use them later to check on the status of your request and to request rooms for future events.

    Then click the “Add” button.
  2. Contact InformationAfter you click “Add,” you will have to fill in your contact information and then click “Save.”

  3. Searching For a RoomAfter you click “Save,” the “Resource Web Request Module” will appear.

    With Web Request, you cannot request a specific room (your room is selected by a University representative, based on your selected criteria); however, you will be able to see different rooms and learn the resource types and attributes you will need to specify your criteria. To do this, click the Free/Busy button first. Select your building of interest. You will see a list of the rooms in that building. If you click on the Information Icon(information icon) next to a room, a pop-up window will appear with a photo of the room, along with the room's attributes. Once you have found a room with the assets you need, make a note of the “Resource Type” and “Capacity,” then close the information and Free/Busy windows. You now have the information needed to create your room request.

  4. Home ScreenTo request a room, click on "Create New Request" in the welcome box on the left.

  5. Request FormThe "Web Request Form" will appear. Please fill in the description (such as the name of your event or organization), location (select a building), resource type, capacity, and the type of schedule.

    Then click “Next.”

  6. Request DateThe “Requested Date and Time” will appear. Please choose your date and time.
    You may also check the box, stating that you will accept the next available date or that your event is an all-day event.
    Then click “Next.”

  7. Additional InformationThis will open the “Additional Information” menu.

    Please indicate if your event is a university-sponsored event by clicking yes or no in the drop-down box.

    Please fill out all additional information that is required for your event to be successful.

    Then click “Next.”

  8. Request OverviewThis will open a confirmation window. If all information is correct, click “Finish.”

  9. Home ScreenYour request is then submitted and will appear in your “Pending Requests” area.

    You will receive an e-mail with all the room details, as well as whether your room request was approved or denied.

  10. Room InformationIf your room was approved, you can log back into the "Web Request Form" to find more information about your assigned room.

    Select your building first, then click on the "Free/Busy" button. Find your room, then click on the Information Icon (information icon) next to your room. You will see a photo of the room and resources that are available.