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The Fayette Resource Team is made up of faculty and staff who proactively assist the campus community in addressing students who are in crisis/distress academically and/or emotionally. Formally the group worked as two separate teams; the Behavioral Threat Management Team who assisted in student behaviors of concern, and the Early Intervention Team who assisted in student academic progress. The two groups were combined into the Fayette Resource Team to better serve the campus community.

The Fayette Resource Team is committed to the safety and well-being of the campus community through education, communication, planning, assessment, and management toward the goal of mitigating students in crisis or distress.


The team's main goal is to identify students in distress early enough to provide appropriate support and/or response, and to improve retention and student success. The goal will be accomplished through early identification of students who are at risk in different ways, including:

  • Academic progress that is unresolved with faculty intervention (i.e. students not responding to faculty attempts related to class attendance, course performance, etc.).
  • Personal health or wellness (i.e. students who continue to exhibit symptoms of impaired health, even after appropriate referral to a health provider).
  • Students exhibiting behaviors or expressing comments which have the potential to impact the safety of themselves or others.
  • Students exhibiting strange or bizarre behavioral patterns that have the potential for impaired performance and/or disruption to others.
  • Extreme changes in behavioral patterns (i.e. hyperactivity or very rapid speech, depressed or lethargic mood, deterioration in hygiene, etc.).


To educate others on recognizing behaviors of concern, and the risks associated with such behavior.


To provide methods for improving awareness and communication related to behavior of concern, reporting options, response protocols, and general team functions.


To implement a structured and effective system and process that provides team planning regarding all functions of the team, including but not limited to: community education, awareness and outreach, incident response and analysis, and program evaluation.


To assess overall program efforts and outcomes, and identify and discuss campus environment trends that negatively affect the climate of our community and influence policy development and resource allocation.


To effectively manage all incidents referred to the Fayette Resource Team.