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Dr. Susan Crampton-Frenchik

Areas of expertise/Research interests: My two major areas of expertise are 19th century French sacred poetry and identity through mobility in literature by Algerian Francophone female authors.

What do you like most about Penn State Fayette? The Penn State Fayette community is supportive, innovative, and engaging. I am inspired daily by the fine people around me.

What inspires students the most in your classes and/or your academic area? I think students are inspired and pleasantly surprised by their abilities to speak, read, write, and understand the French language as they expand their understanding of the Francophone world.

What is your favorite class to teach, and why? Although I love teaching all French language, culture, and literature courses, there will always be a special place in my heart for Fr. 1. It is gratifying to witness the transformation that occurs as students begin to understand that the French language is not merely a body of vocabulary or sets of grammatical rules but rather a vehicle through which the soul of the Francophone culture is expressed.

What is your favorite class project, and why? I am especially fond of conversational activities that engage the entire class. For example, one activity requires students to tell the class three things about themselves. One thing must be a lie and the class tries to determine the lie. It is a wonderful way to reinforce speaking and listening competencies and create a sense of community in the class.

What kinds of unique opportunities are available to students in your classes or department? In addition to traditional coursework, students may participate in study abroad experiences (short-term, semester, academic year, summer, etc.). These experiences are invaluable in our increasingly interconnected world.

What is your favorite quote? “I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down. I made the whirling world stand still.”—Arthur Rimbaud (19th century French poet), “Alchimie du verbe” in Une Saison en Enfer, Délires II.


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