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Jerry Hoeg

Areas of expertise/Research interests: Hispanic languages, literature, and culture, including Darwinian and Ecocritical Literary Theory

What do you like most about Penn State Fayette? The intellectual freedom offered by a relatively unconstrained branch campus in which students and professors are able to know each other on a personal academic level.

What do you like most about Penn State Fayette students? Their perpetual optimism and indefatigable ability to find new interpretations of classic texts, ideas, and concepts.

What inspires students the most in your classes and/or your academic area? Their burgeoning knowledge of various languages and parts of the world, which opens previously unimagined vistas for them. The further they look into these areas, the more inspired they become to pursue their studies in even more depth.

What is your favorite class project, and why? My favorite class project is communicating with foreign countries via the internet using webcams, Skype, YouTube, and other such sites and technologies.

What is your favorite quote? "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."—Salvador Dali 


Professor of Spanish
Letters, Arts, and Science
Eberly Building, 209 E