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College in High School

Get an early start on your college education with the Dual Enrollment program at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus!

Penn State Fayette offers an exciting opportunity for high school students to take college courses at a 50% tuition discount. Qualified junior and senior students can prepare for the future by earning college credits, experiencing the workload of a college class(es) and becoming acquainted with a college campus. Credits earned can be applied to a Penn State degree and are part of one transcript, recognized by all Penn State campuses. Credits earned may also be considered for transfer to another institution in the same way as other Penn State credits.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Take college courses taught by Penn State faculty.
  • Earn credits toward a Penn State degree while still in high school.
  • Begin building a college transcript for course successfully completed.
  • Receive a 50% tuition discount on Dual Enrollment classes.
  • Access Penn State services with your student ID: library resources, student activities, clubs/organizations, tutoring services, and more!

How to Enroll in the Dual Enrollment Program

Students interested in the Dual Enrollment program must first complete an application and submit all documents to the Penn State Fayette Admissions Office. To receive an application, click here (link to application) to print a copy or see your high school guidance office.

  1. Complete and submit all documents in your application packet to Penn State Fayette Admissions Office.
    Mail to:
    Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus
    Attn: Admissions Office, Dual Enrollment
    2201 University Drive
    Lemont Furnace, PA 15456
    Fax to: 724-430-4175
  2. Once documents have been received and evaluated, a Penn State Fayette Admissions Counselor will contact students with their enrollment decision and to schedule an on-campus appointment.
  3. Meet on campus with a counselor to select courses, schedule, and complete remaining documents.

Contact Tricia Homonai at 724-430-4138 with additional questions.

Cost and Payment Options

Penn State will offer a 50% discount to all students attending courses through the Dual Enrollment program. An e-mail notification will be sent to your official Penn State e-mail account when the eBill is available to view and/or pay on eLion.

The eBill includes the amount due as well as anticipated scholarships, loans, grants, or other financial assistance.

Please note: NO paper bills will be mailed.

  • 3 Credits
    50% Grant-in aid—$786.00
    Total—$932.00 *
  • 6 Credits
    50% Grant-in aid—$1572.00
    Total—$1906.00 *
  • 9
    50% Grant-in aid—$2358.00
    Total—$2803.00 *

*Based on PA residency. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

  • Tuition can also be paid by mail or in person at Penn State Fayette via check, cash, or money order: Print a remittance stub from eLion and mail it with your check or money order (payable to Penn State). Please include your PSU ID on your check or money order. Do NOT mail cash.
  • Tuition can be paid online with VISA, Discover, American Express or MasterCard credit cards. Please note: There is a 2.5% convenience fee for each payment made by credit card.

Deferred Payment Plan:

If you enroll in Penn State’s deferred payment plan, you may pay your tuition bill in installments over three months.

  • Includes a $45 non-refundable fee (due with first payment).
  • You can sign up for the deferred payment plan at receipt of your tuition bill (instructions are on bill).
  • Pay the first third of the bill by the due date (remember to include the $45 deferment fee with initial payment) and you will receive electronic notification of your subsequent installments in advance of their due dates.
  • A $20 late fee will apply if installments are not paid by their due dates.

For any questions regarding tuition bills or payments, contact the Bursar’s Office at 724-430-4171.

Available Courses for Summer 2016

  • ART 001 Introduction to Visual Arts—On campus
  • B A 100 Introduction to Business—WEB
  • BI SC 003 Environmental Science—WEB
  • CAS 100 Effective Speech—On-campus
  • COMM 100 Mass Media and Society—WEB
  • COMM 150 Cinema Art Riddle—WEB
  • CRIMJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice—WEB
  • HDFS 129 Intorduction to Human Development and Family Studies—WEB
  • HIST 155 American Business History—WEB
  • INART 001 The Arts—WEB
  • LER 100 Employment Relations—WEB
  • MICRB 106 Elementary Microbiology—On campus
  • MICRB 107 Elementary Microbiology Lab—On campus
  • STAT 200 Elementary Statistics—WEB

Available Courses for Fall 2016

  • AMST 105 Pop Culture and Folklife—On campus
  • ART 010 Introduction to Visual Studies-On campus
  • ART 020 Introduction to Drawing—On campus
  • ART 050 Introduction to Painting—On campus
  • ART 101 Introduction to Web Design—On campus
  • ARTH 100 Introduction to ART—On campus
  • ASTRO 1 Astro Universe—On campus
  • BA 100 Introduction to Business—On campus
  • BIOL 110 Biology Conic Biod—On campus
  • BIOL 110 Biology Conic Biod Lab—On campus
  • BISC 3 Environmental Science—On campus
  • CAS 100 Effective Speech—On campus
  • CAS 100B Effective Speech—On campus
  • CAS 100A Effective Speech—On campus
  • CMLIT 108 Mythology—On campus
  • CMPSC 100 Computer Fundamentals—On campus
  • CMPSC 101 Introduction to C++ Programming—On campus
  • COMM 100 Mass Media and Society—On campus
  • COMM 150 Cinema Art—On campus
  • CRIMJ 12 Criminology—On campus
  • CRIMJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice—On campus
  • ECON 102 Microec Anly—On campus
  • ECON 104 Microec Anly
  • EDSGN 100 Introduction to Engineering Design—On campus
  • EET 105 Electrical Systems—On campus
  • GEOSC 20 Planet Earth—On campus
  • HDFS 129 Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies—On campus
  • HIST 20 American Civilization to 1877—On campus
  • HIST 21 American Civilization to 1877—On campus
  • HIST 144 World at War—On campus
  • HIST 153 Indian in America—On campus
  • IST 110 Info People Tech—On campus
  • LER 100 Employment Relations—On campus
  • SOC 12 Criminology—On campus
  • MICRB 106 Elementary Microbiology—On campus
  • MICRB 107 Elementary Microbiology Lab—On campus
  • PLSC 1 Introduction to American National Government—Web
  • PLSC 14 International Relations—On campus
  • PSYCH 100 Introduction to Psychology—On campus
  • PSYCH 100 Introduction to Psychology—On campus
  • RLST 1 World Religions—On campus

For more course information, such as descriptions, dates, and times, please visit schedule.psu.edu.

Compliance with Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (PACPSL)

Annually, over 600 high school students schedule college courses from a multitude of disciplines at Penn State campuses.

Per recent changes to the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (PACPSL), Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus will continue to provide courses for qualified dual enrolled students, fully compliant with the required background checking requirements listed below:   Faculty who teach classes in which dual enrolled students under the age of 18 are registered, as well as staff who provide professional or support services, such as advising, counseling, or tutoring and students who serve in peer roles such as advising, mentoring, or tutoring to these students, are required by State law to have the following three clearances: Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check (SP4-164), Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY-113) and Federal (FBI) Fingerprint Criminal Background Check (Criminal History Report). Effective January 1, 2016, all individuals (current employees and new hires) interacting with dual enrolled students under the age of 18 are required to have valid clearances in place.

In order to ensure compliance in all future semesters, Penn State Fayette will identify sections of courses that typically enroll the most high school students and can confirm that faculty teaching these courses have completed the required background checks. This course list will be shared with current and future dual enrolled students through their guidance counselors and academic advisers and through print and web information. In addition, staff and students who provide services such as academic advising, tutoring and mentoring will be required to complete the three required background checks. Questions regarding Penn State Fayette compliance with PACPSL can be directed to Tricia Homonai, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, 724-430-4138 or trh20@psu.edu.