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Jared Seaton

Jared Seaton, Senior Analyst, Mylan Inc., Morgantown, WV
2IST, May 2006

"The IST program provided me with the foundational technical skills that are required to be a successful IT professional."

I'm Jared Seaton and I have been working at Mylan Inc, in Morgantown, WV, since 2006. My current job title is Senior Analyst, in Global Infrastructure and Operations Management. I graduated from Penn State Fayette with a Information Sciences and Technology (IST) degree with the Networking option in 2005.

The IST program at Penn State Fayette provided me with the foundational technical skills that are required to be a successful IT professional. However, the most value that I received from the IST program was not only the ability to understand the technical aspects of an IT career, but the skills to convey the value of the services that IT provides to the business.

My IST degree from Penn State gives me a tremendous amount of pride. I believe that my PSU degree has been an outstanding benefit in helping me acquire my position at a leading global company. The quality of my education at Penn State Fayette has aided me in achieving success in my career.

The industry in the Pittsburgh area has been increasing steadily over the last ten years, and therefore the demand for IT jobs has grown. This trend will result in even further demand for IT jobs.

By attending Penn State Fayette, you are receiving a world class degree, which carries weight over other local institutions offering similar programs. The atmosphere, and environment in the campus and the classes, allows you to participate in a more individual experience. Over the last six years, I've been promoted from Backup Administrator, to Senior Unix Administrator, to Senior Analyst. Obtaining an IST degree from Penn State Fayette, enabled me to work in a career field which has provided numerous opportunities for career growth and advancement.

Phil Cecchini

Phil Cecchini, CIO, Assetbook Inc., McHenry, WV
2IST, May 2008

"The IST curriculum gave me all of the basic skills I needed to thrive in a technology-based company."

My name is Phil Cecchini and I graduated from Penn State Fayette in May 2008 with an associate degree in Information Sciences and Technology (2IST). My internship at AssetBook Inc, McHenry, Maryland, led to my current job as AssetBook's Corporate Information Officer (CIO). I recently completed a baccalaureate degree with Penn State World Campus.

I entered Penn State as an adult student. My previous work experience was in a steel wire mill, so I had absolutely no prior experience with technology. The IST curriculum gave me all of the basic skills I needed to thrive in a technology-based company. Since technology is always changing, my IST education gave me a solid foundation of knowledge and abilities to be a lifetime learner.

It's hard to beat the prestige of a Penn State degree. Penn State is well respected for its high-quality education standards. My colleagues in the financial sector may not be familiar with community college degrees, but everyone knows where you studied if you tell them you are a Penn State graduate.

When looking for job, having a unique background helps set you apart from your peers. That is where a Penn State IST education is a plus. Secondly, having a can-do attitude is important. Penn State's academic rigor teaches you to stay a few extra hours, or do a little work on the weekends, if that is what it takes to meet a deadline. Another important area is work ethic and having pride in your work and your skill set. Any time I was tasked with a new, unfamiliar technology, I accepted the challenge, and learned the necessary skills on my own.

One of the greatest benefits of attending Fayette is the small class size; often less than 20. Instructors provide plenty of one-on-one time for each student. It was great to be able to work face-to-face with fellow students and instructors. I believe that is the best learning environment and Mr Wilson was the best instructor. He is my IST mentor. Upon entering World Campus, I learned how to manage both classes and a full-time job. But since I had my first 2 years behind me, I was much more knowledgeable about IST and the collegiate environment. World Campus was ideal for me since travel time is completely eliminated. I was successful at World Campus, but given the choice, I prefer a smaller brick and mortar extension of a large university . . . Fayette is the best learning environment a student could ask for.