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Associate Degree Internship Requirements

Students enrolled in one of the three options listed below, must complete an academic internship prior to graduation. All 2-year degree students are required to complete 240 hours at an approved internship while enrolled in HD FS 395. During the internship experience, students interact with the instructor using the online course management system. Over the course of the semester, students explore various theories of leadership and team dynamics. Students also clarify their professional area of interest as they develop a comprehensive portfolio and participate in the career development process.

HD FS 395 Internship

HD FS 395 consists of 6 credits taken during the last semester of the Associates degree. It is comprised of 240 hours in an agency. Prerequisite: prior approval of proposed internship site by instructor.

Internship advisor

Gina Jones, M.S.W., M.P.A.
Phone: 724-430-4100, ext. 4889
E-mail: gmj117@psu.edu