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William Gardner, M.B.A.
Instructor in Business
Program Coordinator
Phone: 724-430-4245
E-mail: wsg3@psu.edu
Office: 206X Eberly Building

Peter Eberle, M.B.A.
Instructor in Business, Marketing
CETES Director
Faculty Snapshot
Phone: 724-430-4255
E-mail: pme2@psu.edu
Office: 206J Eberly Building

Dr. Abiola Fanimokun
Assistant Professor of Business
Phone: 724-430-4232
E-mail: aof3@psu.edu
Office: 206V Eberly Building

Pawan Madhogarhia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: 724-430-4100  ext. 4825
E-mail: pkm17@psu.edu
Office: 206Z Eberly Building

Wayne Port
Phone: 724-430-4140
E-mail: whp3@psu.edu

Mary Ann Walters, M.Ed.
Instructor of Business
Phone: 724-430-4240
E-mail: maw32@psu.edu
Office: 007A Library Building

Mr. Michael Ridenour
Instructor of Business
Phone: 724-430-4242
Office: 206A Eberly Building