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Recommended Academic Plan

We are no longer accepting applications for this degree.

History of IST

IST Before Penn State launched IST in 1999, experts from industry, business, government, and education were consulted to develop degree programs that would meet society's needs in the exciting electronic-commerce, Internet-era of information technology (IT).

Our four-year bachelor's degree and two-year associate’s degree programs are built around the essentials employers are looking for in IT:

  • Understanding IT as a solution
  • Bridging technology and the end-user
  • Expressing and defending ideas with effective written and oral skills
  • Being a team player and leader
  • Sharp technical skills

Penn State Fayette offers the first two years of the Information Sciences and Technology (IST) four-year bachelor's degree and a complete two-year associate degree with the following options:  Networking, Baccalaureate, Business, and Individualized.

Penn State Fayette also offers IST certificates of three to six courses to help individuals move ahead professionally prior to committing to a formal degree program.

Feel free to contact Don Wilson (dlw27@psu.edu or 724-430-4236), IST chairperson, for questions or a personal tour of Fayette's splendid IST facilities.

Four-year Bachelor’s Degree (INFST):

After completing your associate degree, an IST bachelor of science degree can be achieved without leaving Fayette. This degree (option: Information Technology: Integration and Application) is available by continuing your education at Fayette while completing several 300- and 400-level IST classes through Penn State World Campus. The degree is granted by Penn State World Campus.

Like many other degrees at Penn State, Fayette offers all courses required in the first two years of the four-year IST bachelor’s degree. In the 3rd year, students transfer to another Penn State campus (like University Park), where they complete their baccalaureate studies.

Two-year Associate's Degree (2IST):

Penn State Fayette offers all courses required to complete a two-year IST degree in the following options:

  • Networking. If your goal is to enter the field of computer network services, this option will help meet your demands. Course work covers personal computer hardware/software, networking essentials, network administration, and design of both local and wide-area networks.
  • Baccalaureate. This option allows you to finish an associate degree in IST while simultaneously completing requirements to continue your studies toward a bachelor's degree in IST.
  • Business. Specialize in the IT side of accounting, marketing, and management with this option.
  • Individualized. Academic flexibility and varied technical choices are the outstanding features of this option. Work with an advisor to design a program tailored just for you.

IST Certificates:

IST certificate programs are custom-made for people interested in developing knowledge and skill in the information sciences without the additional course work of a degree. These three- to six-course programs were developed from the kind of academic strength that only a major research university like Penn State can deliver. Once you've advanced to a certain point in our certificate programs, you may find you wish to pursue an associate degree in IST.

  • Technology Novice. This certificate program is designed for persons wanting to take the first steps into the information technology field. It provides basics on which you can build.  Required courses include: CMPSC 100 (3), IST 110 (3), MIS 103 (3) for a total of 9 credits.
  • Introduction to Technology. If you are comfortable using personal productivity software and would like to move into software development, this certificate program is for you.  Required courses include: IST 110 (3), CMPSC 101 (3), IST 250 (3), CMPSC 204 (3) for a total of 12 credits.
  • Network Technologies. This certificate is designed for persons who are interested in developing expertise in PC hardware, operating systems, and network technologies.  Required courses include: IST 110 (3), IST 220 (3), IST 225 (3), IST 226 (3), IST 227 (3), IST 228 (3) for a total of 18 credits.
  • Fundamentals of IST. This certificate is a subset of the curriculum above.  Introductory courses in databases, computer networks, World Wide Web technologies, and systems analysis/design are combined to further enhance the student's understanding of today's information technology.  Required courses include: IST 110 (3), CMPSC 101 (3), IST 210 (3), IST 220 (3), IST 250 (3), IST 260W (3).  For a total of 18 credits.