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  1. Log onto http://elion.psu.edu/
  2. Choose a category on the left hand side (Student, Adviser)
  3. Enter your userid and password
  4. Select Degree Audit on left hand side
  5. Select either Current Major (major you are currently in) or Alternative (majors to explore) and click on continue. Keep in mind if you are Provisional, DUS or in the pre-major (ENGR, ED, CCOM) you cannot select current major. You must choose alternative.
  6. If you select current major, after you click on continue, select submit degree audit and continue with step 8.
  7. To request an alternative major degree audit, first select a college, then select a major and option(if any) then select submit degree audit.
  8. Click on View audit request
  9. Choose any audit with a "Ready" status and select "View audit". Audits with "Not ready" status are still processing. Use the "Recheck status" button to refresh your screen.
  10. You will see the degree audit report you requested to view. You may print this report or return to the selection screen in order to view another audit report.
  11. When printing from this screen, the font will be really small. If you want a bigger font, you will need to highlight the whole audit right click on cut and then open a word document and paste.