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STS 297 H  Spring 2011 MWF  11:00am-11:50am.  
Please contact Dr. Crampton-Frenchik for details and registration information. sfc13@psu.edu, 724-430-4121

Course Description:

"Social justice is class justice; social justice is racial justice. Social justice is economic justice. It’s about citizens fully participating in and fully partaking of what our society has to offer in its entirety. It’s about an end to poverty, marginalization, discrimination and exclusion." Russel Ally, Programs Officer of the Ford Foundation and former Human Rights Project Manager for the United Nations High commission on Human Rights.

This course will address the restorative, that which “reaffirms the humanity in each of us” and transformative natures of social justice, “initiating processes that can reconstruct our social and economic orders” with particular attention to the ways in which developments in the domains of science, technology and society can promote lasting social justice at the local, national, and international levels. In addition to coursework, students will complete 15 hours of community engagement in this course. STS courses are team-taught to provide students with many different perspectives. We are fortunate to have several guest speakers throughout this course. A detailed schedule will be distributed in class.